Christmas Adventure: Leavenworth + Seattle.

IMG_1175Y’all this trip has been so good for our hearts. I had forgotten how much fun exploring a new place is, and watching Sam trying to maneuver around an unfamiliar environment is so cute. The roads from Salt Lake City were a nightmare, but when we finally got to Idaho it was smooth sailing from there!

We decided to stay in a small town outside of Leavenworth named Wenatchee and we absolutely fell in love with it. After we unpacked, we went out to dinner at a restaurant, McGlinn’s, and had the most amazing food and drinks (Huckleberry Riesling is a new favorite thanks to them), and everyone we met in Wenatchee were so friendly, they really made our night. The next morning was Christmas Eve, so we drove down to Leavenworth, and it was beautiful, festive, and completely packed with people. It took almost an hour to find parking, but once we did we were off! The first thing we did was run to Andreas Keller to make reservations for dinner that night, then went to the gingerbread factory for some cookies, sat and watched the sledders on the hill, went to the town’s little bookstore, and spent the rest of the afternoon meandering around town.IMG_1149

We made our way back to the restaurant for dinner and had the greatest German food and got to listen to live folk music. I tried my first mulled wine as well, I don’t usually like red wine so I was a little apprehensive, but oh my goodness it was delicious, definitely a new Christmas tradition. By the end of the night, it was snowing softly and we drove back to Wenatchee to decorate the little Christmas tree we had brought along with us, stick the presents in our stockings, and fell asleep watching Christmas Vacation.

The next day we woke up early and unwrapped presents, and laid around drinking hot cocoa. We had originally planned to go back to Leavenworth, but we had done so much on Christmas Eve, we decided to stay in Wenatchee and walk around the town there instead. There’s two big bridges that run across a river with scenic views, so we walked across them and took some pictures of the town (and some selfies, please excuse the blurry phone photos).

We left for Seattle the next morning, and arrived a lot early than we had planned so we parked the car at the hotel and walked to the Space Needle. Sam really likes the architect that designed the Museum of Pop Culture, Frank Gehry, so we went there as well, and headed to Public Market Center for some food, and to stick some gum on the gum wall. IMG_1215We wanted to do something neither of us had done in Seattle before, so we went for a ride in the Great Wheel. This was our second trip to Seattle together, and although we’ve been to a lot of fun places, it’s hands down our favorite city. The weather is perfect, there’s amazing food on every corner, and almost everything is within walking distance. It was the perfect Christmas, and it’s the first New Years Eve in two years that we haven’t had to work, so we’re excited to ring in 2018 together with friends! We hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and have fun welcoming the New Year!

Take care,
The Wiesenbears

A New Kind of Christmas.

annie-spratt-174456Normally we would already have our tree up and apartment fully decorated by now, but we’ve decided to go to Leavenworth, Washington for Christmas this year so we’re packing our little tree and stockings to take with us and set up in the hotel! Last Christmas, we spent the holidays with Sam’s family, and the Christmas before that, he came to Denver to celebrate with me and my family, but this is our first Christmas just the two of us. Even though we’ll be adventuring around Leavenworth for the first couple of days, we decided to implement some of our favorite family traditions into the trip.

On Christmas Eve, Sam’s family prepares a “shepherd’s dinner” where they eat food that shepherd’s would have eaten at the time time of Jesus’ birth, such as lamb, hummus, dolmades, pita, and lentils. My momsy and I usually open presents super early Christmas morning, and make cinnamon rolls, bacon, and hot cocoa. Then we’ll cuddle up on the couch and watch seasonal movies all day. So those are all things we want to make a point of doing on our first Christmas away.

It’s been hard to wrap my head around that this will be the first Christmas I don’t spend with my mother, I’m such a mama’s girl, but I’m always equally thrilled to see her regardless of the time of year. When my parents were newlyweds, my mother’s father told her the best thing a young couple can do for their relationship is go unfamiliar places together. It teaches them rely on each other, and gives them time and space to chose what’s right for them without their families influence. We know the holidays can be a stressful time of year for some, so we hope you’re able to take time to do something you enjoy.

Take care,
The Wiesenbears