A Newfound Love of Hygge.


Y’all I’m so excited! I was doing my usual Pinteresting at the end of the day before Sam gets home and stumbled upon a term I’ve never heard before: Hygge. Apparently there isn’t an exact English translation that embodies hygge, but it’s a Danish word that implies the practice of coziness, creating a sanctuary to help enjoy the simply things life has to offer. Some of it’s “principles” are soft lighting, warm drinks, switching off phones to help be more present, and doing things that make you feel joy. Since my New Year’s resolution this year was to worry less and do more that makes me happy, I thought this was a perfect addition to my practice. I’ve also read it’s great for people who tend to feel down during the colder, grayer months. I was pretty proactive when I first read about it so we went out and bought a candle, tea, and some new fuzzy socks. We’ve also tried to do homework at home a lot less this semester, instead we’ll meet up with friends at a favorite coffee shop, so when we’re home we can just realx, and I’ve noticed that coming home at the end of the day I’m already a little more relaxed because my brain now equates home with knitting, reading, drinking tea, and having down time. So if you’re in the mood to do something cozy and relaxing to get you through these last couple months of winter, try out some of the elements of hygge that would fit well in your life!

Take care,
The Wiesenbears

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