A New Kind of Christmas.

annie-spratt-174456Normally we would already have our tree up and apartment fully decorated by now, but we’ve decided to go to Leavenworth, Washington for Christmas this year so we’re packing our little tree and stockings to take with us and set up in the hotel! Last Christmas, we spent the holidays with Sam’s family, and the Christmas before that, he came to Denver to celebrate with me and my family, but this is our first Christmas just the two of us. Even though we’ll be adventuring around Leavenworth for the first couple of days, we decided to implement some of our favorite family traditions into the trip.

On Christmas Eve, Sam’s family prepares a “shepherd’s dinner” where they eat food that shepherd’s would have eaten at the time time of Jesus’ birth, such as lamb, hummus, dolmades, pita, and lentils. My momsy and I usually open presents super early Christmas morning, and make cinnamon rolls, bacon, and hot cocoa. Then we’ll cuddle up on the couch and watch seasonal movies all day. So those are all things we want to make a point of doing on our first Christmas away.

It’s been hard to wrap my head around that this will be the first Christmas I don’t spend with my mother, I’m such a mama’s girl, but I’m always equally thrilled to see her regardless of the time of year. When my parents were newlyweds, my mother’s father told her the best thing a young couple can do for their relationship is go unfamiliar places together. It teaches them rely on each other, and gives them time and space to chose what’s right for them without their families influence. We know the holidays can be a stressful time of year for some, so we hope you’re able to take time to do something you enjoy.

Take care,
The Wiesenbears

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