November Beauty Favorites.

The contents of a woman's purse emptied on a white surfaceI went on a little shopping spree for my birthday and have really enjoyed some of the products I purchased so I wanted to share, along with some I’ve just been using more lately. I also realized I need to keep a water bottle with me more often. It’s been so dry here and it makes my skin look dull and I feel blah unless I continually drink water. So make sure to stay hydrated!

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Eva’s Nude- This nude is so creamy and smooth, like all L’Oreal lipsticks I’ve tried. It’s a really great natural color that doesn’t make your lips look frosty or dead (maybe that’s just an olive complexion problem). It’s a perfect fit when you want to do dramatic eye makeup with neutral lips.

Buxon Full-On Lip Polish in Sophia- I actually got my first Buxon Lip Polish recently on recommendation and I loved it so much I went back for more. I’ve been wearing this over my Eva’s Nude lipstick and it makes a really beautiful nude pink.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers- I thought all tweezers were the same until I bought these. I decided to stop paying to getting my eyebrows done this past summer, and necessity became the mother of invention. My eyebrows are not naturally very shapely, so I finally sat down one day and spent half an hour finding an eyebrow shape I could do, liked, and looked natural on me. These tweezers are so sharp and precise with a great grip, so I can get even the tiniest hairs.

tarte Tartiest Pro To Go Palette- I’ve only had this palette about a month, but I’m surprised how much I’ve enjoyed it. It’s very pigmented so you don’t need a whole lot to get full coverage on your lids. Plus, the colors are really beautiful and versatile as well so you can go as dramatic or natural as you’d like.

Chi Onyx Euroshine- I hardly ever straighten my hair, but once in a blue moon the mood will strike me and I’ll have to cancel all my plans for the day to straighten my extremely thick and wavy hair. This is the first straightener I have owned that I actually like because it never catches on my hair or feels like it’s crushing it, it just glides. It also heats up really fast, and gives you a lot of options for temperature settings.

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